Started in 2008

What began out of necessity has turned into a thriving business that now serves Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas

How We Began

Just because we are "rural" doesn't mean we shouldn't have reliable, high-speed internet...

Mobile Communications LLC birthed from a place of necessity. Let’s face it, rural places seem to have a hard time getting anything high-speed and the Internet certainly is one of those things. Bobby Norwood, owner of Mobile Communiactions LLC, tried satellite and other providers that promised high-speed connections and great service. The problem was that neither were delivered so Bobby decided to do something about it. Mobile Communications LLC was formed in 2008 and they have been delivering city solutions to rural locations since.


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We Were The First!

We were the first local, internet service provider in the state of Mississippi. At the end of the day, Mobile Communications LLC is not all about profit. They pride themselves on designing and maintaining a fast wireless network with speeds and prices that fit a working man’s budget. With a deep desire to deliver a superior product to all customers no matter where they live, Mobile Communications LLC has set themselves apart from all the rest.

With an incredible team, great engineering, and stability, we stand ready to help you!