High Speed Internet Services

Mobile Communications LLC provides high speed Internet services to accommodate any budget and in any place. They provide speeds faster than most DSL and cable providers and can customize plans for any situation. No matter if you are deep in the woods or out in the country, Mobile Communications LLC can provide you with great speeds at an affordable price.

 Residential PricingCommercial Pricing

Computer- Mobile Communications LLC- Greenwood, MS

VOIP Services

Mobile Communications LLC provides Voice Over IP services (VOIP) for both residential and business clients. VOIP is a phone service that runs through the internet and does not need any additional phone lines to make a connection.  Their residential phone service has nationwide calling standard on all plans and has all the features that the “big” phone companies have.

Plans start at $12/mo

Voip-Mobile Communications LLC- Greenwood, MS
Mobile Communications LLC- Greenwood, MS

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TV Streaming

Although not launched yet, TV Streaming is coming to Mobile Communications LLC. As they lay in the infrastructure to bring this service to you, here are a few things that you should know. Cost will be around $20/month and that will include local channel streaming from stations in Greenville, Jackson and Tupelo. We know that is will include ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS with the possible addition of a few more.

Our system will have a channel guide, with the ability to control everything from your smart phone or tablet and record to your DVR. Never miss another show! Product is coming soon!

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